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Monday, 30 August 2010

The Donkey Parade at Weston-super-Mare

It was a great idea in theory. Local business's paid £500 each to decorate and sponsor resin donkeys which were to be turned into little works of art and placed in the streets around the town.

There have been similar projects with lions in Bath, dragons in Newport, rhinos
in Chester, elephants in Norwich and penguins in Liverpool.

They are all street art and suffered some vandalism but in Weston it's been so extreme that they had to remove the donkeys from the streets for their own safety. On the first week-end they were put out they were attacked. One was stolen and later dumped with it's legs ripped off, another was thrown in a skip and another had it's tail cut off.

The poor donkeys had to go into hiding, some went home to their sponsors, others are cowering in shop windows until they may a brief appearance on the pier to be auctioned off for charity. 

hiding in Marks and Spencers

This one went to Specsavers.............

lurking in a department store

And taking refuge in the local newspaper office...................


Anonymous,  31 August 2010 at 07:23  

What a shame they have been vandalised. I like them. They look good in the shop windows.

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