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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Make Bird cake

I've got a tribe of sparrows squabbling in my garden who would eat a dozen fat balls a day if I put them out. I've got one of those wire feeders but the commercial food blocks to put in them are expensive so to atone for muttering about air pistols when the dawn chorus starts, I make them some myself.

I keep a plastic container that is the right size, and melt some suet or lard in it in the microwave.

You shouldn't use vegetable fat because it doesn't contain enough energy

Then I stir them in a plate of goodies the RSPB  say they are allowed, mostly wild bird seed, with a few oats, a little bit of grated cheese and a few soaked raisins

I let it cool, then put it in the fridge to get really hard

Then I take it out as a block

Hey Presto, Birdie cake, (takes about five minutes!)



that_woman 3 February 2010 at 17:13  

Ooh I remember them making these on Blue Peter a thousand lifetimes ago.Note to self,buy lard........

Anonymous,  5 February 2010 at 14:41  

All those hungry birds will be very happy. Love the new look blog - background is great :-)

Touchatou 28 March 2010 at 03:07  

Nice recipe ! I will sure use it ! Thanks !

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