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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Murder at Christmas

Well, that was the most surreal evening I have had in a long time!

It was a murder mystery evening with the Red Hat Ladies.

If I tell you that our hosts were female impersonators
Miss Janet Mapletree  and her friend Lady Agatha and that the scene was set in Pokingham-softly -on- the- Wold, you'll get the general tone of the evening!

It was held in the old building of a private girls school, which has now closed. And that was creepy in itself because they haven't updated it at all, class-rooms, office, dining room, even the loos, are exactly as they were when the school closed.

It was a strange meal served on Spode plates, I had a long grey hair in my coffee......

It wasn't a fully acted out murder mystery. The two "ladies" told us the story of a crime they had solved and there were pictures of the suspects all around the room. Then they got some of us to re-enact the crimes, Crimewatch style. They took you aside and told you what to do. There were clues all through the conversation and all of the victims were found clutching a letter or note containing more clues.

I got to be the vicar, strangled with some garden twine off the bottom of the gardeners trousers.... My death groans were worthy of an Oscar. Here are some of the ladies getting into it. Anyone who says they can't tell which one is the drag Queen gets a slap.


After a bottle of red it was a good laugh, in a very camp and Franke Howerd sort of way!


Anonymous,  14 December 2009 at 00:53  

Oooh your murder mystery evening looks fun unlike the dire event I went to! There we all were sipping the wine and making polite chitchat when in rushed a couple of hysterical characters screaming there was a dead body in the library. Well, quite frankly, no one was the slightest bit bothered, after all, there were more immediate issues to resolve; what time was dinner and when was the disco starting because if it was going to be much longer Ethel would have to remove her dancing shoes .... Body? What body?

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