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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Upcycled crafts

The buzz in the craft world at the moment is upcycling. That is making your crafts from stuff that would usually end up at the tip. Of course that's not new. Us crafters have always re-used, like our patchwork and rag rugs.

But the fashion now is for your crafts to proudly show their humble origins. Cereal boxes, drinks cans etc all proudly showing their labels in the finished product. And very good they can be too. This robot with re-cycled teeth is great tooth bot .

But you know I'm not as committed to going green and doing it myself as I should be, and I have been known to venture into Marks and Spencers.

So I have to say that some of  the creations can look a bit post-apocalypse. They remind me of that settlement in Waterworld after the flooding...

You get: Capri-Sun handbags,  
starburst wrapper bracelets,
crisp keyrings
purses made out of milk cartons

And if you think I'm being bitchy, meet the people on this site and their comments on the worst craft for sale on Etsy.But be warned, some of the content is very adult......     Regretsy  

Hope they never find one of mine


that_woman 14 October 2009 at 21:23  

Teehee,I liked regretsy...have you seen this one ?

Anonymous,  14 October 2009 at 22:50  

Teehee - excellent :-)

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